16 Lawyers Die Per Year Due to Lack Of Money For Treatment

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The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has made a startling revelation that an estimated 16 advocates die annually due to a lack of funds to seek treatment for their illnesses.

The report has been made against the backdrop of a scheduled general meeting of members as the Law Society’s leadership seeks a vote to establish a fund ostensibly to address the challenge of lawyers struggling with medical bills and/or losing their lives to otherwise treatable diseases.

Over the past several years, we have witnessed these struggles and the Law Society’s default approach has always been organizing fundraisers especially car washes to secure treatment money for the advocates.

Now, in a bid to offer a better solution, the Law Society is proposing to set up a “ULS Members Health Care and Benevolent Fund” through which advocates will receive financial assistance in such debilitating medical situations.

Some of the lawyers who have passed on that struggled with medical treatment are; Ms. Mary Wakyogera who needed an operation due to a brain hemorrhage, Mr. Moses Kugumikiriza (kidney failure), and Anthony Wameli (cancer), according to a member of the Uganda Law Society’s top leadership.


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“But we also have [ Mr. Atwiine Muhwezi ] an advocate who survived a heart surgery because of the availability of funds which is a justification for having a health care and benevolent fund. Quick interventions were made to fundraise for his treatment and he underwent a successful operation.” the Person told LegalReports.

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