‘She came to office with her breasts almost uncovered’ – Solicitor General Gashirabake responds in Sexual Harassment Case

She came to office dressed provocatively and seductively with her breasts almost uncovered – Deputy Solicitor General Gashirabake 

The Deputy Solicitor General (2nd Respondent) in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Mr. Christopher Gashirabake, oft-called ” Gash,” is attempting to fight off a suit in the Industrial Court that largely hinges on sexual harassment and wrong termination of employment by discrediting his Accuser/Complainant, Ms. Samantha Mwesigye.

Samantha is a Former State Attorney and Advocate with 12 years of experience in public service as a Government Lawyer and worked under Mr. Gashirabake in the Justice Ministry. She filed the Suit with the Industrial Court last year after the Labour Office under Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA) found that it had no Jurisdiction to entertain her case.

” The Labour Office is of the Opinion that a substantial question of Law and Fact  has arisen in the proceedings and is therefore unable to resolve the dispute” The Labour Office said.

Samantha accuses Gashirabake of deliberately withdrawing her from several contract committees after she rejected his sexual requests. She says Gashirabake used to bombard her with WhatsApp “love” messages. Her employment with the Ministry was terminated in July last year.

Now, Gashirabake has moved to discredit her in the Suit that it is her, instead, who attempted to initiate sexual intercourse.

In a picture of Gashirabake’s Written Statement of Defence posted on Twitter (@scamwesigye2) by Samantha Mwesigye, he says:

“The 2nd Respondent shall aver that the Applicant is the one who was persistently nagging the 2nd Respondent demanding for sex from the 2nd Respondent which the 2nd Respondent was not interested in” His Statement of Defence reads in part.

Gashirabake says Samantha, at one time, tried to seduce him while at Office with her ” almost uncovered breasts”

” At one time, the 2nd Respondent protested the complainant when she came to office dressed provocatively and seductively with her breasts almost uncovered” The Statement of Defence further states.

The thread in Gashirabake’s argument is therefore that Samantha’s allegations are based on his refusal of her temptations.

” Having failed to achieve her objective, the complainant started making malicious allegations that the 2nd Respondent was sexually harassing her which is not true”  Gashirabake argues in his Statement of Defence.

An Internal Committe in the Ministry of Justice exonerated Mr Gashirabake in September last year suggesting Samantha’s allegations are baseless.The Committee faulted her for not reporting her alleged harassment in time.

” From 2007, the Office of Solicitor General has been held by 5 different Solicitors General, two of whom were female and all these were senior to and supervised the accused” The Committee’s Report noted before concluding that:

” It is the Observation of the Committee that the complainant had all avenues to report sexual harassment but chose not to do”

The Committee also found impossibility in verifying Samantha’s allegations that Gashirabake used to send her ” love” WhatsApp messages” apparently due to WhatsApp’s End to End Encryption Security Feature.

Ms Samantha Mwesigye, however, laughed off Gashirabake’s arguments that she attempted to initiate sexual intercourse.

” Come on you Sex Pervert – Not in a million years would I look at you twice” Ms Samantha said in a Twitter message accompanying her Tweet.

The World is currently in the midst of some sort of mighty reckoning where, women, under the “Me Too Movement” are speaking about Sexual Harassment at Work and in many cases, their looks have been used as a justification for Sexual Harassment.

“I also think how do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality? . . . What are they asking for? Trouble” said Dona Karan, an American Fashion Designer, in defence of the now fallen Media Mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

What’s now left to be seen is what twist the case will take next and whether the Industrial Court will find merit in Ms Samantha Mwesigye’s claims.

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