Emergency Fund: Lawyers Pick Colleague’s Cancer Medical Bill


Lawyers under a Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund have offered to pay a 2.8 Million Uganda Shillings  Medical Bill for one of their own Mr Moses Kuguminkiriza who is currently hospitalised at Mengo Hospital in Kampala following a Cancer diagnosis.

“The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Lawyers has exceptionally contributed Shs 1.56 million in partial fulfillment of a request for Shs 2.8 million submitted on behalf of Adv Moses Kuguminkiriza who is currently hospitalised at Mengo Hospital” A Statement released Monday and undersigned by the Fund’s Chairperson Ms Assumpta Kemigisha Ssebunya and Treasurer Ms Sylvia Namawejje Ebitu said.


Ms Primah Kwagala(Advocate), the CEO of Women Pro Bono Initiative contributed 500,000 Uganda Shillings, according to the Statement towards Mr Moses Kuguminkiriza’s Medical Bill/ Photo Credit: Primah Kwagala Twitter.

According to the Lawyers, “This milestone is largely attributed to ” Moses’ Angels” – a group of three Uganda Law Society members, viz Adv Francis Gimara (Shs 260,000), Adv Primah Kwagala (Shs 500,000) and Anonymous (Shs 500,000) who jointly raised a donation of Shs 1.26 million to the Fund with a specific beneficiary [ Moses] as the condition of their generosity ”

The Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund for Lawyers was established last week following a story published by the Daily Monitor newspaper of a Lawyer who apparently tried to access State House Nakasero apparently to ‘ beg food’ from President Museveni.

Under the Fund, Lawyers most hard hit by the Coronavirus pandemic financially or psychologically are to obtain assistance in the form of finances not exceeding 500,000 Uganda Shillings or psychiatry services. And assistance requests are meant to be confidential.

However,  according to the Statement, “the case of Adv Moses Kuguminkiriza was unique and exceptionally urgent” because “it was initially brought to our attention through social media and therefore we could not treat it with the usual privacy in accordance with the Fund guidelines.

” Secondly, his spouse submitted a rationalised request of Shs 2.8 million, far in excess of the Shs 500,000 cap set by the Fund guidelines.

“Lastly, we were informed that the patient was scheduled to attend Mengo Hospital, Mulago Hospital and Kiruddu Hospital for specialised tests and treatment the following day (Monday, 20 April 2020).

“In light of all these factors, including the vote of confidence in the Fund by Moses’ Angels, the Goodwill Committee arrived at the compassionate decision that we have just announced today.”

The Lawyers, also revelead that they have ever since established an electronic application process where potential beneficiaries could submit their assistance requests instead of making frantic calls to the “Goodwill committee” tasked with the management of the Fund and that they have so far received 18 such Applications.

“We spent quite a great deal of time over the weekend developing a high level security and easy-to-follow digital application form for our eligible beneficiaries, and we are pleased to announce that eighteen (18) applications have been so far received through this platform.

” The vetting sub-committe is currently reviewing them with an eye to making disbursements shortly before Curfew today (20 April 2020),” The Statement reads.

Mr Moses Kuguminkiriza, now, remains with a balance of 1.24 million Uganda shillings and the “Goodwill Committee” calls upon other Advocates and stakeholders to make further donations to ” help Adv Moses Kuguminkiriza to raise the balance of Shs 1.24 million to clear emergency hospital bills and to avail emergency relief to other eligible beneficiaries”


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