Benedicto Kiwanuka: Judiciary to honour memory of first Ugandan Chief Justice on Monday


The Judiciary will hold its third annual ” Benedicto Kiwanuka memorial lecture” on Monday, Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo has announced Thursday.

Founded in 2018, the Benedicto Kiwanuka memorial lecture commemorates the life and contributions of Benedicto Kagimu Kiwanuka, one of Uganda’s independence leaders who became the country’s first prime minister and later first native Chief Justice in June 1971.

As Chief Justice, Kiwanuka would later come into collision with then President Idi Amin Dada apparently over the latter’s disregard for the rule of law and dictatorial tendecies and as a result was kidnapped by Amin’s soldiers from his chambers at the High Court in Kampala and later killed on 21st September 1972.

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In his book “ General Amin“, Historian David Martin citing eyewitnesses says the former Chief Justice’s ears, nose, lips, and arms were severed and he was castrated and finally immolated, his body never to be seen again.


” The Judiciary decided to hold Annual memorial lectures to celebrate his life and achievements and to remind ourselves of his contribution to the advancement of the rule of law and nation building in Uganda” Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo says.

This year’s memorial lecture under the theme “Benedicto Kiwanuka: Promoting the rule of law in the new normal” will be delivered by eminent Makerere University constitutional lecturer Dr Busingye Kabumba and in contrast with previous events will be held in strict observance of Covid-19 precautions.

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