Top 9 Most Influential Ugandan Lawyers On Social Media Named


When we talk about social media influencers in Uganda, it’s hard to imagine lawyers can be among them. This is because the legal profession in Uganda is largely still traditional and comprises of lots of luddites that are wary of the idea of using the new media technologies.

However, these nine names have raised the Ugandan bar on social media using their respective accounts to connect with existing and potential clients, participate in public debates, assert their brands and authority, showcase expertise in their areas of legal practice while giving their audiences first hand sneak peaks into their personal lives.


So, without any further ado let’s delve into our list.

  1. Isaac Ssemakadde ( Twitter: @IsaacSsemakadde, 62.9K followers)
Isaac Ssemakadde

On top of this list is Mr Isaac Ssemakadde. Ssemakadde is arguably the most popular Ugandan lawyer on Twitter so far this year boasting of a fast growing following of 62900 people.

Isaac Ssemakadde is a celebrated human rights and public interest lawyer. He is the founder of the democracy and human rights watchdog, Legal Brains Trust. The self-styled legal rebel has become popular for his hard hitting views on legal current affairs and because of this his Twitter account has been a subject of discussion in the top echelons of the Judiciary.

He has been accused of insulting High Court Judge Musa Ssekaana and the DPP Justice Jane Frances Abodo using his Twitter account something he has rigorously defended as free speech.

Ssemakadde uses his social media influence to advocate for freedom of speech, a free press, constitutionalism, rule of law and accountability of the Judiciary.

Last year he took social media by storm when he posted pictures of himself spotting dreadlocks which is a very strange sight given the conservative nature of our legal profession.

2. Silver Kayondo (Twitter: 22.7 K followers)

Silver Kayondo/ Photo credit: Ortus Advocates

Silver Kayondo is easily one of Uganda’s youngest law firm partners. He is a Partner in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) department at Ortus Advocates.

Silver Kayondo has a following of 22700 people on Twitter. He serves his audience with the latest legal news updates from across the globe under the hashtag #LegalUpdate.

Most importantly, Silver Kayondo is one of the leading industry voices on emerging technologies, startups, corporate law, banking, finance and the fourth industrial revolution.

3. David F.K Mpanga (Twitter: 135000 Followers)

David F.K Mpanga/ Photo: David F.K Mpanga Twitter

He is the deputy chairman of South African Law firm Bowman’s Office in Kampala and one of the most followed Ugandan lawyers on Twitter at 135000 followers.

David is a widely respected attorney in the financial institutions law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, international commercial transactions, among others.

Although David F.K Mpanga is wary of sharing legal knowledge and information on social media reasoning its a lawyer’s stock in trade that can’t be shared freely online, he is still a very influential lawyer whose opinion and commentary on current affairs is highly regarded.

David is an avid Arsenal supporter and will once in a while partake in football banter. He is also a Deejay and regularly shares his works giving his huge audience this image of an archetypal O-shaped lawyer.

4. Nicholas Opiyo ( Twitter: 151000 followers).

Nicholas Opiyo/Photo credits: Internet photo

Mr Nicholas Opiyo is one of the well-known and widely respected human rights lawyers in the country. He is the founder and executive director of the now banned Chapter Four Uganda, a non-profit civil society organization. Nicholas Opiyo is also one of the most followed lawyers on Twitter at 151000 followers.
Mr Nicholas Opiyo’s views and commentary on human rights issues are highly regarded and he will be hoping from one media channel to the next to offer his expertise. He has also bagged several awards for his work including the Human Rights Tulip 2021.
Last year his arrest on charges related to money laundering sparked international headlines and opprobrium on social media – an indicator of his wide influence.

5. Alice Namuli Blazevic (Twitter: 5,424 followers).

Alice Namuli/Photo credits: Katende, Ssempebwa & Co Advocates

The only lady on the list, Alice Namuli Blazevic is a Partner at Katende, Ssempebwa and Company Advocates.

She is a greatly experienced attorney in corporate and commercial transactions, block chain, AI, Legal Tech and TMT.

Alice Namuli Blazevic is the founder of the Legal tech incubator, the legal innovation hub which aims at building better legal solutions for the consumers of legal services. She also founded Kampala Legal Hackers.

Alice is passionate about mentoring law students and fresh law graduates which led to her founding the mentorship cafe. She uses her Twitter of 5,424 followers to broadcast messages around legal tech and innovation, AI, mentorship, reading and career opportunities for law students.

6. Fred Muwema( YouTube: League of the Genuine, 284K Views)

Fred Muwema interviews a guest on his show about fakes in the legal profession

Fred Muwema is the founding partner of Muwema & Company Advocates. He is very experienced in corporate and commercial transactions.

Fred founded the Anti-counterfeit Network(ACN) a not for profit organization that aims to fight counterfeits and illicit trade.

He hosts a YouTube show ” The League of the Genuine” on the ACN channel which is helping generate public awarenesses around counterfeits and their dangers.

Fred Muwema’s show has so far garnered 2860 subscribers and 284000 views making it the most watched show on YouTube by a member of the legal profession.

7. Busingye Kabumba ( Twitter:@bkabumba, 18.6K followers)

Dr Busingye Kabumba/Photo credits: Internet Photo

Dr Busingye Kabumba is a constitutional law lecturer at Makerere University Law School. He also teaches international law at the same institution.

Busingye Kabumba is also a consulting partner at Development Law Associates.

Kabumba is literally the face of law academia on Twitter. He is followed by 18600 people. Kabumba is a leading voice on international law and human rights and once in a while will share interesting poems.

Dr Busingye Kabumba has deployed Twitter to champion social causes. In 2018, he ran a campaign dubbed #MTNMweddeko against telecom giant MTN Uganda over their money reversal policies. At the time, reversing money wrongly sent would require one to obtain a court order but thanks to Kabumba’s campaign this was revised.

Kabumba has also used his Twitter to launch and promote the Makerere Law Scholarship Fund an idea aimed at raising money to support financially challenged law students.

8.Daniel Bwambale (Twitter:@TheMutaD, 13.4K followers)

Daniel Bwambale

His Worship Daniel Bwambale is a magistrate and experienced lawyer in start up business advisory, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, tax, among others.

Currently he is stationed at Uganda Legal Information Institute (ULII) as its head.
Daniel Bwambale has got a 13400 following on Twitter and is one of the most knowledgeable and informed accounts in the profession.

Daniel tweets about governance issues, legal tech, infrastructure and real estate.

Terry Kahuma(YouTube: Simply Legal By Terry Kahuma, 20K Views)

Terry Kahuma vlog

Terry Kahuma is the youngest lawyer to feature on this list. He is a law graduate from Uganda Christian University (UCU) and is currently pursuing his diploma in legal practice at the Law Development Center (LDC). Terry is an up and coming Legal YouTuber at his channel ” Simply Legal By Terry Kahuma” where he regularly shares and provides basic insights into legal principles.

His channel has got 2470 subscribers and has so far been watched by 20,000 people.

** All numbers accurate at time of writing

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