22nd Judges’ Conference postponed upon President Museveni’s request


Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 01:10 pm

The 22nd Annual Judges’ Conference will not take place on Monday, 20th as was earlier scheduled by the Judiciary. This, follows a “ request “ by President Museveni, according to the Judiciary Website, to have the Conference pushed because he wants to have “a long and proper discussion” with the Judges.

” It should not be a matter of just making a Speech and I go away. I want us to have a proper discussion “ the  President is quoted as saying.

The request in question is said to have been made last week as the President conducted the Swearing  in of the new Principal Judge, Hon Justice Dr. Flavian Zeija.

The President said there is a “disconnect” between the Justice based on laws interpreted and enforced by Judges as made by Parliament with what the ordinary person perceives to be Justice.

” I represent two Constituencies: the Bush and the Villages. I know that there is still some disconnect between what the laws made by the Parliament prescribe as Justice and what my people in the Bush and Villages where I came from appreciate to be Justice”


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He would later on that day (14th Jan) post to his Twitter Feed that “ there is a Judges’ Conference coming up soon where I will share my detailed views on what the Institution is doing well and areas that can be improved”

The Website, reports that, after the President made the “request” Hon. Justice Stella Arach Amoko who chairs the Judges’ Conference Organising Committee “immediately” announced the Conference would then take place between the 27th – 30th of January.

The President, has in the past, criticized the Judiciary for what he calls Westernised Concepts of Justice and has urged the Judges to “ localise” the Administration of Justice.

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