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The LegalReports [See Home Page] is Uganda’s First and Leading online publication serving the general public with comprehensive, actionable, and therefore useful current legal information in the form of non-politics-ridden news [See the latest here], analysis, and insights. [See the latest here].

LegalReports attracts thousands and thousands of qualified English language readers each month. 70% of these are in Uganda, 38% Ages 25-34 21% Ages 18-24, 40%+ Female, and 59% Male. [Source: Google Analytics].

If you’re serious and convinced about partnering with an online publication that cares about its reputation, its readership, and your brand growth and development and is committed to giving you superior services, then Call us directly on 0787951231 or proceed to fill out the form below and our representative will promptly contact you.

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Offers start at 490,000/= a Month. Packages are; Basic, Pro, and Premium.

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