“Always Fight Back”: LawTech Champion Narrates Inspiring Encounter With Warren Buffet

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To “Always fight back” was Buffet’s lesson to this young entrepreneur taking the legal industry by storm.

Joshua Browder, a legal technologist poised to be one of the most consequential LawTech champions in the world has narrated an inspiring encounter he had with the world’s second richest man Warren Buffet, that would later shape his company’s direction.

In a Twitter thread, Mr. Browder, founder of DoNotPay – a company billed as having created the “world’s first robot lawyer”, told of a once-in-a-life time opportunity that he got while he was a student at Stanford in 2018;

The chance to interview Warren Buffet on stage – at an elite event hosted by Microsoft featuring some of the world’s most significant business leaders.

“Do you want to have lunch with Warren Buffet and interview him in Seattle?” A cold Emailer asked Browder.


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“I had never met or spoken to anyone from Microsoft, so I thought this must be some sort of scam. But it was real and soon enough, I hopped on a plane to Seattle to conduct the discussion.” Joshua Browder wrote.


As you can imagine, any student would likely fumble at the moment and Joshua was no exception especially as regards his interview questions because he needed to ask the Billionaire something that had not been asked of him yet.

“I knew that there were thousands of articles and dozens of books on his life, beliefs, and story. As I sat down on stage and Becky Quick (the moderator) introduced the session, I realised the only way I could keep it original was by asking him something “DoNotPay” related.” Joshua Browder narrated.

And thus making up his mind at that moment to pop-out the life-changing question.

“Given you have the leaders of corporate America here, what is [the] one time you stood up to a company for your own consumer rights?” Browder asked.

In response, Warren Buffet, once a subscriber to Harpers Bazaar Magazine told the audience about a legal clash ( apparently his first ever law suit) he had with the magazine for failing to cancel his subscription despite his incessant attempts to get the Magazine to cancel it.

According to Browder, Warren Buffet, self-represented sued the publication in a small claims Court and won the case, got a refund plus punitive damages against the publication.

“It taught him a valuable lesson: to always fight back and assert your legal rights.” Joshua Browder said, adding;

” Thankful, I got some original content out of him, I then began to think more deeply about what he said… So an idea for a new direction at DoNotPay emerged. Instead of just generating parking ticket letters, I would build bots to help consumers take direction action, such as cancelling a subscription.”

At this task, Browder spent two years “heads down.”

And he is elated at the results.

“DoNotPay has processed two million cases including cancelling 300,000 subscriptions. The World’s richest man changed our direction in 2018 and gave me an important life lesson: always fight back!” He tweeted.

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