Controversial Lawyer Male Mabirizi Released From Prison After 18 Months

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Controversial Ugandan Lawyer Male Mabirizi has been released from Luzira Upper prison after serving an 18 months jail term for ‘contempt of court.’

The Spokesperson of Uganda Prison Services Frank Baine told Uganda Radio Network that Mabirizi has been released on Saturday morning after finishing his sentence.

He said Mabirizi’s sentence was among those that qualify for remission.

“Remission is a third of the sentence after serving one month in prison. So he must have served a year of his jail term and that’s what the sentence required,”  said Baine.

Mabirizi was on February 15th, 2022 found guilty of contempt of Court by High Court Civil Division Judge Musa Ssekaana.


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This was after the Attorney General informed Justice Ssekaana that Mabirizi had made posts on social media where he accused him (Ssekaana ) of being biased, incompetent and not able to head the smallest court of a family, and one who doesn’t qualify for any award from the Uganda Law Society and even for a Grade Two Magistrate .

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    The Attorney General also informed Court that the rest of the posts were crafted in a vulgar language and that Mabirizi had described a fine of 300 million shillings that was issued against him earlier by Judge Ssekaana also for contempt of Court as null and void, – a statement the government chief lawyer said was an attack on the Judiciary.

    As a result, a warrant of arrest was accordingly issued and security directed to arrest Mabirizi upon sight such that he is taken to prison to serve his jail term.

    He was indeed subsequently arrested on February 22nd, 2022 and taken to Kitalya prison before being transferred to Luzira prison from where he emerged Saturday.

    Since his arrest, Mabirizi filed several applications seeking to gain his temporary freedom, but without success.

    In a phone call with Uganda Radio Network on Saturday, the excited and jolly controversial lawyer said he was happy to be free.

    He said that during his time in prison, he filed a combined total of 110 cases against the Government of Uganda and he will continue fighting for rule of law in this Country.

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