Controversial Supreme Court Judge Esther Kisaakye Walks Out on JSC Meeting

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Controversial Supreme Court Judge, Justice Esther Kisaakye yesterday walked out on a Judicial Service Commission ‘meeting’ that ostensibly sought to listen to her grievances with Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo and other members of the Judiciary C-suite.

The Judicial Service Commission(JSC), – a body that polices Judicial Officers in Uganda, had apparently set up the meeting otherwise called an “interface” to understand the issues Justice Esther Kisaakye has against the Chief Justice that apparently date back to the 2021 Presidential Election Petition in which Justice Esther Kisaakye was forced to read her dissenting Judgement in that case alone – in a dark and almost empty make shift Supreme Court.

Justice Esther Kisaakye accused the Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo of confiscating that dissenting Judgement – an act the maverick lady Justice termed as “barbaric.”


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As if that spectacle wasn’t enough, Justice Esther Kisaakye sued the Chief Justice and other members of the Judiciary’s top management last year accusing them of a wide range of unconstitutional acts including indefinite closure of the Supreme Court after fire gutted the Chief Justice’s office and victimization acts such as denying her her salary and work.

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According to Justice Esther Kisaakye’s lawyer, Peter Walubiri, the Judicial Service Commission’s meeting had turned into a time-wasting “hearing” and thus deviating from the character of an “interface meeting.”

“An interface means you hear the accused, then the accuser and separately without the two facing each other. But today, it became very clear that there was no legal process being followed and we told the Commission that Justice Kisaakye could not accompany them along a none-constitutional and illegal path,”

Mr Walubiri said, according to the Daily Monitor newspaper.

This meeting happened at Serena Hotel Kigo and was also attended by the Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo and Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka. But the two reportedly declined to comment on the incident.

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