Former Principal Judge Justice Yorokamu Bamwine Joins KTA Advocates as a Consultant as Ms. Asmahaney Saad moves in as partner

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Former Principal Judge and head of the High Court of Uganda, Justice Yorokamu Bamwiine has been admitted into KTA Advocates as a legal consultant bringing a wealth of over 36 years experience in the Justice and Law Sector to the law firm.

Justice Bamwiine, who retired from the Judiciary in late 2019 having attained the mandatory retirement age of 65 for High Court Judges, has joined the IFLR recommended Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) law firm along top commercial lawyer Asmahaney Saad.T

The Career Judge is lauded for promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms  during his decades-long judicial career including mediation and plea bargaining .

“Mediation is one way of bringing cases to a close quickly, I felt it would reduce backlog.” Justice Yorokamu Bamwiine told The Observer in 2019.

Indeed, KTA Advocates said the learned former Judge would bolster “our full service offering, specifically in the area of mediation as a quicker and preferred alternative to traditional litigation.”


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Ms. Asmahaney Saad/ Supplied Photo

Mr Edwin Tabaro, a Partner in the firm said: “African tradition celebrates the wisdom of age and emphasizes the passing on of knowledge from one who is revered onwards to those eager to emulate.

” It is an honour therefore, to learn from and work alongside such a brilliant and distinguished mind such as that of Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine, who will add his expertise to our dispute resolution practice with a focus on mediation.”

KTA Advocates further appointed leading commercial lawyer Ms. Asmahaney Saad as Partner in charge of the firm’s Corporate, Commercial, Projects & ADR department.

Ms. Asmahaney brings atleast 14 years of work experience as an inhouse corporate Counsel in the emerging and relatively novel legal practice areas of telecom, oil, and gas.

She is an advisor to the Ugandan government via The ministry of finance on investment of the Petroleum Fund. Ms Asmahaney is also a non executive director to the Board of United Bank of Africa (Uganda).

In 2020, the lawyer’s innovation aimed at economic justice known as Electronic Justice Solutions which is an online dispute resolution (ADR) platform that provides a network of ADR providers to claimants, won the Hague Institute of Innovation in Law Prize (HiiL) for being user friendly, effective, flexible and impactful in achieving economic justice.

” This move seeks to see KTA Advocates expand its vast area of expertise & knowledge to include niche practice areas in energy, oil & gas, infrastructure development, project financing and dispute resolution (Arbitration & Mediation).” The law firm said of the appointment.

“This qualifies value proposition to clients which is to offer innovative service that nurtures relationships and impacts lives”

Ms. Asmahaney’s appointment brings the firm’s total number of partners to 5.

She joins Mr. Justus Karuhanga ( Senior Partner), Mr. Edgar Tabaro ( Business development), Mr. Edwin Tabaro (Amani IP) and Mr. Kenneth Muhangi (Managing Partner) in the firm’s C-Suite and her areas of focus will be corporate services, commercial transactions, energy, oil and gas, infrastructure development and ADR.

” In a world that is ever evolving, the business of things demands that we should not only strive to survive but to thrive.

” KTA has for the last 10 years pursued its vision to provide innovative services that nurture relationships and impact lives.

” I join a team that is bold, dependable and pragmatic and together we shall continue to be the client-centric legal service provider of choice.

” In the words of Bo Schembechler Jr an all-time American football coach, ‘The Team, The Team, The Team!’ ”  Ms. Asmahaney Saad commented on her appointment.

Mr. Kenneth Muhangi, a Partner at KTA Advocates welcoming the new Partner said:

“ In Eastern philosophy, a sangha, being the closest unit of like-minded individuals or persons is at the core of fulfilling purpose both collective and individual.

“I am glad that Asmahaney has joined KTA’s sangha of professionals who are all intentional about fulfilling the passion and purpose of law”

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