Frequently Asked Questions About The Legal Profession in Uganda

What’s the Uganda Law Society? (ULS)

The Uganda Law Society is the Professional Association of all Ugandan Lawyers. It was established in 1956 by the Uganda Law Society Act.

The ULS aims to promote the rule of law, defend the legal profession, and ensure access to justice for all in Uganda.

It also provides legal education and training to its members and the public, advocates for human rights and good governance, and collaborates with other organizations in the legal sector to promote legal reform and development in Uganda.

The ULS is governed by an Executive Council. It has several projects, including the Legal Aid Project (LAP) which aims to provide legal assistance to indigent and vulnerable people in Uganda.

As of 8th April 2023, the President of the Uganda Law Society is Mr. Bernard Oundo

You can read news about ULS here.

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