Isma Olaxess Was A Greedy Charlatan Says Top Human Rights Lawyer

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Last updated on May 9th, 2023 at 08:52 pm

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One of Uganda’s most respected human rights attorneys Isaac Ssemakadde has described fallen social media personality Isma Olaxess – in part who’s been going by the moniker “Jaja Iculi” as greedy and a charlatan who crossed his “baddies.”

Isma Olaxess, a self-styled “blogger” was green-lit by criminals – execution-style – near his home in Kyanja in the Ugandan Capital of Kampala on Saturday, this past weekend.


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A statistical anomaly, Isma Olaxess arguably has become the first social media personality to be assassinated on account of – what is widely believed in media circles and the wider Ugandan Public – his insidious views.

“ For the record: Ibrahim Lubega Tusubira—aka Isma Olaxess, aka Jajja Iculi—was a crafty charlatan, shameless fascist  & a double-dealing daredevil. These are the FACTS about his life. Ugandan media, don’t whitewash the deeds of the dead. Let’s be guided.”

Isaac Ssemakadde wrote on his Twitter handle, attaching a couple of videos in which the social media personality engaged in clearly irresponsible commentary – in one of the videos he appears to celebrate the infamous killing of Ugandans in November, 2020 ahead of Uganda’s 2021 general election.

Isaac Ssemakadde, a freedom of speech absolutist and the most influential Ugandan lawyer on Social media [ See list here] attacked the Ugandan media – which he referred to as “lazy” over certain superlatives it is using to describe Isma Olaxess highlighting how misleading the media can possibly be in curating profiles for people who are actually not what they think they are.

“ For the record: Ibrahim Tusubira — aka ‘Isma Olaxess’ aka ‘Jajja Iculi’—was a Vlogger, not a blogger. Ugandan media, let’s be guided.”

The lawyer said, adding;

“For the record: Political firebrand and vlogger Ibrahim Tusubira—aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi—was not ‘vocal’ or ‘controversial’ or ‘radical’. He was ‘EXTREME’. Also, he was not ‘RENOWNED’ but rather ‘NOTORIOUS’ or ‘INFAMOUS’. Ugandan media, let’s be guided.”

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Sad and shocking as the brutal killing of Isma Olaxess is, it has presented a moment of self-reflection for the Ugandan internet media industry, especially in regard to ethics, independence of thought, and personal security.

Isma Olaxess appears to be widely believed to have been a shill who used his platform to attack, shame, and incite – all for money and not for any legitimate communication purposes.

In one of his last videos, Isma Olaxess attacked top Ugandan Musician Sheebah moments after the singer landed an influencer-ship deal at Victoria University, a Kampala-based Private University.

Olaxess suggested that Sheebah, who has said she had a difficult childhood, rose to stardom by offering sex.

“ As other girls chat about their ‘first cuts’, [Sheebah] doesn’t even want to remember hers.” 

Isma Olaxess said implying sexual abuse against the Singer, which if it happened would be very traumatizing and more so when used against her in her seemingly hey days.

“ ‘Jajja Iculi’ was a greedy, vile man who courted INFAMY by hyper-vlogging in praise of BLOODSHED, if the survival of [NRM] junta was threatened…”

Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde – who has just successfully defended Miraa dealers in Uganda after he got the Constitutional Court on Friday last week to annul Uganda’s drug Law – Said.

Meanwhile, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni reacted to the assassination of Isma Olaxess – once again- promising the Public that his killers – whom he has code-named “pigs” will face Justice.

SUBTLY, President Yoweri Museveni seems to acknowledge that Isma Olaxess’s killers [or their sponsor(s)] who used an SMG rifle, according to the Uganda Police, could be elements in his NRM government hence;

“ I condemn and treat with contempt the killing of this Ugandan by some pigs. It is pigs that believe in using guns against unarmed opponents. NRM enjoys defeating unarmed opponents with counter- arguments. Killing critics shows that your position is false and you cannot out- argue an opponent. Why kill him if he is wrong and you are right? Killers are fake thinkers. They stand on false positions. Anyway, I can assure Ugandans that this criminal will be traced and punished.”

The President said.

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