Gen. Katumba and the other unresolved Murders

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Last updated on October 27th, 2021 at 06:30 pm

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First off, my commiserations to the family of General Katumba Wamala. The senseless shooting of the General’s innocent daughter and his driver is tragic. The sight of him in blood soaked clothes, crying and pleading with someone to take him to the hospital and his bullet ridden car broke my heart.

Lives have been snuffed out so violently. The events of Tuesday 1st June will go down as a dark day in the annals of this country’s history.


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But I must say what we all know to be true: we have seen this before. Prominent figures gunned down in BROAD DAYLIGHT whilst in their vehicles by masked assailants. After that, we see an initial public outpouring of emotion and support.

Top army brass, ministers, Members of Parliament, senior police officers visiting the grieving families falling over each other to show how much they care and vowing to get to the bottom of it. Seasoned security experts give their learned opinions. Heavily armed police men cordoning off the scene of the crime, forensic experts examining the area for any clues, a lot of blood and shards of glass scattered on the ground below.

And what would it all be without a condemnation from the president? I believe that the word that he used in this case and has used before is “Pigs” to describe the murderers.

It is sad that these scenes have become all too familiar from Joan Kagezi to Andrew Felix Kaweesi and none of them have ever been solved. They tell us that investigations have started. After a while we are told that they are ongoing and then, nothing. Almost like there were never any investigations.

There are never any answers and all that we are left with is ceaseless speculation. From one conspiracy theory to the next. Eventually, our minds are drawn to other things and we forget. That is until, another senseless high profile murder occurs and the cycle repeats itself.

I dare say that we have become accustomed to this and it was evident from the reactions from people all over. No one expects that the murderers will be caught or that the minds behind this senseless act will ever be discovered.

Of course, we would like to be surprised but the reality is that it is highly unlikely that anything concrete will come of these “investigations”. That is how much the trust in our security forces has been eroded. And this is from a regime that prides itself in bringing peace and security to the country.

There is a fear and with that an acceptance that more high profile murders will happen and we will be left with questions and no answers and more corpses to add to the growing heap of unsolved murders.

If someone can so brazenly attack a man as high up as General Katumba Wamala, then are the other high ups safe. Do they feel safe? It is easy to think that something is far away from you until it is crouching at your door. How long until it is someone even higher than General Katumba?

How long until our leaders realise that resolving these murders is a matter of utmost importance? How long until they realise that they have become easy targets?

I hope that in time I will stand to be corrected. That the perpetrators of this horrible crime against General Katumbas family will be arrested and tried in the court of law.

I pray that measures will be put in place to prevent any more of these senseless acts of violence and most of all that we will not have to witness such things again. Is that too much to ask?

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