Impressive: KTA Advocates Starts Off 2023 With A Fitness Treat

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Last updated on March 1st, 2023 at 10:28 am

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KTA Advocates, one of Uganda’s TMT Law Firms had a Fitness Retreat to start off 2023. / KTA Advocates/LinkedIn

KTA Advocates, one of Uganda’s leading Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) specialty law firms held its “annual strategy meeting” at Busika Adventure Park over the weekend from 12th to 14th, January ahead of the new year 2023.

Well, a couple law firms especially those with commercial legal practice offerings have held similar retreats as a way to strategize and generally touch base with their teams in preparation for the new year.

For us at The Legal Reports, what stood out for us about the KTA Advocates retreat was the fitness angle about it.

This comes from our appreciation of the fact that many attorneys devote much of their time to business and clients’ work that they hardly find time for things that nourish their minds such as physical exercise and general play.


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Law Firm retreats would be a good opportunity for lawyers to calm their minds and appreciate things other than the thrill of lawyering – an important recipe for mental wellness.

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Whereas several law firms in Uganda like to throw alcohol-centered parties for their staff (an escapist strategy from the challenges of lawyering), we find fitness to be a better path and that’s why we are impressed by KTA Advocates.

Take a look at the gallery of the KTA team at its ” annual strategy meeting.”

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