Be Hold: A ‘Robot Lawyer’ Is Set to Argue First Court Case Next Month

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 04:55 am

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Update: Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay,the startup that planned this experiment says the move has been cancelled following threats of jail.

As the world continues to be awed (even scared) by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the legal profession is not being spared either.

First, lawyers in recent times have been excited by OpenAI’s Chat GPT, a piece of artificial intelligence that has showed capabilities to read text, and even draft letters or essays, among other features.


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Now, we hear a “robot lawyer” will be arguing speeding cases in Court next month, February, 2023.

This will be the first time AI is used in Court, according to Joshua Browder, Founder and CEO of Tech StartUp, DoNotPay, the makers of the technology.

Details of the cases, Courts and their locations have not been divulged for fear of government interruptions but it is reported one defendant will argue their case in person and another via Zoom.

How it Works

Basically, a defendant will wear an earpiece and the technology will instruct him or her on what to say to the Court.

This is a risky experiment since AI could exaggerate/underestimate the facts or improperly respond to Court room jokes and/or rhetorical statements thus posing a risk to the defendant of losing their case;

But the owners of the technology say they will cover any fines and will compensate the persons for taking part in the experiment.

Before this, DoNotPay’s “Robot Lawyer” has reportedly been providing templates to help people appeal parking tickets or request refunds from airlines and has created bots that can negotiate bills.

“AI technology is so powerful. People deserve to use that to help themselves,” Joshua Browder says.

The whole mission of this “Robot Lawyer” is to build a “Do It Yourself” culture among consumers of legal services in acknowledgement of the saddening fact that most people in the world can not afford a lawyer – the powerful middle man between a person and his/her rights in the current world order.

“Lawyers are charging hundreds of dollars an hour for copying and pasting a few documents… ‘DoNotPay’ empowers the little guy to fight back.” Joshua Browder said in a promotional video of his Company.

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