Makerere Law students to run for funds


Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 11:33 am

“Small Steps, Immense Possibilities!”

Those are the words typed in gold print on the poster—and probably the first words you will see –advertising the inaugural Makerere Law Society (MLS) Run.

Slated for 15th March, it is bound to be the biggest event on the law school’s calendar. That fact should not be taken for granted. The lawyers-in-waiting know how to organize an event.

So, as fate may have it, on that Sunday, the ladies and gentlemen you would ordinarily find clad in formal attire will have their classiest sneakers on, ready to conquer 5.6 km—a fairly easy task when you consider the four grueling years of law school that they have to contend with.


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Chief Runner: Hon. Justice Flavian Zeija, the Principal Judge and Head of the High Court of Uganda has been confirmed by Makerere Law Society as the Chief Runner. / Internet Photo.

Clad in their own will be the Chief Runner, Principal Judge Flavian Zeija and Hon Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire, a member of the bench in the Court of Appeal and the East African Court of Appeal.

Mr David Frederick Nyanzi, the President of the Makerere Law Society confirmed the attendance and participation of both in an interview with The Legal Reports.

With the facts as stated, it is safe to say that it is bound to be an exciting 5.6 km on a beautiful Sunday morning.

What makes any run of such a kind exciting is that a record or two might be broken. What makes the MLS run exciting, however, is that a precedent is going to be set.

It is the first of its kind and the first of many. The lawyers know how to keep a tradition going.

“We want there to be continuity”, Mr David Frederick Nyanzi, said as much.

He revealed that the run was fundamental in as regards the issue of fundraising.

“Funding student based activities”, to quote him in verbatim, is the main objective of the run.

This could potentially provide a long-lasting monetary solution to many activities in Makerere Law School that have been put on ice due to lack of necessary funding.

It will also save students, especially those planning on participating in Moot Competitions internationally, the fatigue that arises with looking for a source of funds.

Mr. Nyanzi also highlighted the fact that the long term plan of the run is to raise money to pay subscriptions for the students at the Uganda Online Library.

And so, with 5.6 km infront of them to be covered, you best believe that the lawyers will dominate the race track.

But with every stride, a small step shall be taken and an immense possibility shall be opened.

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