Makerere Law School Principal Chris Mbazira Bows Out

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The Principal of Makerere University school of law, Prof. Christopher Mbazira has come to his “end of tour of duty as Principal,” we have learnt.

Prof Christopher Mbazira has been acting as principal of the country’s premier law school since June 2016 and in 2019 controversially indicated he had resigned at the height of a reported conflict regarding whether the school of law should be autonomous as a constituent college of Makerere University or its management reverts to the College of Humanities or College of Business and Management sciences.

” The last 7 years of service have been rewarding both professionally and emotionally for me. It has given me the opportunity to serve the University and country to the best of my abilities.” Prof. Mbazira said announcing his leave.


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” Pardon me for any mishaps.”

Prof Christopher Mbazira will be replaced by the present Deputy principal of the school, Prof. Ronald Naluwairo.


The circumstances under which Prof Mbazira leaves office have not yet been established by The Legal Reports but he has indicated ” I will revert back to my teaching responsibilities as an academic staff”

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