Makerere University Announces Date For Law School Pre-Entry Exam

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Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda has Thursday announced important dates and information regarding the pre-entry examination for its School of Law.

According to the Academic Registrar of Makerere University, Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi, the pre-entry exam for the prestigious Bachelor of Laws Degree will be written on Saturday, 29th April 2023.

The Makerere University School of Law Pre-entry examination is an aptitude test that was introduced by the University to assess the competencies of prospective students for the undergraduate law course.


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Candidates are examined in the areas of; reading and comprehension skills, language skills, Numerical Skills and logic, General Knowledge, and Analytical Skills.

Gladly, the Best Candidate in the Makerere University Law Pre-entry exam of 2019, has written for us, the hacks and tricks that one needs to crack this oft-complex examination. ( Read his detailed article here.)


Who Can Apply

Applications for the Makerere Law School Pre-entry examination are ongoing and application forms can be accessed on the University website here.

Basically, three categories of people are eligible to apply to do this examination – passing it is the ultimate pass into the gates of Makerere University School of Law.

A’Level Leavers: The first group eligible to apply for the pre-entry exam are A’ level Leavers – those who have sat and completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) or have such corresponding qualifications.

These must have scored at least 5 passes in their Uganda Certificate of Education exams or corresponding qualifications.

And they must have scored at least 13 points in UACE for Males and at least 12 points for Females.

Candidates who completed A’ level before 2013 are required to have scored at least 15 points for Males and 14 for females.

Diploma Holders: The second group eligible to apply for the law pre-entry examination are Diploma holders. These must have at least 2nd class diploma or credit diploma and must present original transcripts of the same.

Degree Holders: People who already have a degree and would like the law degree as an extra are also welcome to apply for the law pre-entry examination.

But they are not eligible for government sponsorship even if they excel in the examination. They must also possess original transcripts of their degrees.

RECOMMENDED ( This Article Continues)

Mature Age: Senior Citizens are also welcome to apply for the law school pre-entry examination but they must have sat and passed the University’s mature age entry examinations (for law) done in October 2021 or December 2022.

How to Apply

As already mentioned, one can apply for the law pre-entry exam online via Makerere University’s official website.

But one must first pay a non-refundable Application fee of 110,000/= Uganda Shillings which can also be done online.

A successful Application comes with 6 law pre-entry past papers.

The deadline for Applying for the pre-entry exam is 21st  April 2023.

Important to Note

Whereas the pass mark for the Makerere School of Law pre-entry examination is usually at 50%, it appears this can change anytime.

Makerere University is a highly competitive University.

And according to the Academic Registrar, performance in the pre-entry examination and the University’s “intake capabilities” are crucial for your admission into the law course.

So, our advice is simple; pull out your A-game so that you clinch a government sponsorship by scoring a good grade, or as they say; when you aim for the moon and fail, you end up in the stars; in this case, it will be easy for you to be among the chosen few who will be admitted to study law on private sponsorship either in the Day or Evening academic programmes.

What To Do When you Fail?

It is wise to always plan on your plan not going according to plan.

So, whereas you hope for the best, you prepare for the worst.

First, don’t fret if you fail to pass the examination or gain admission into Makerere University School of Law for whatever reason.

Depending on what your overall aim in life is, try out these options;

You can step back and go study for a diploma in Law (please don’t mistake this for a diploma in Legal Practice) at the Law Development Centre but in my opinion, this could be a waste of time if you are really craving to be a lawyer.

I suggest instead, you join one of these alternatives to Makerere University that have equally been accredited by the Uganda Law Council to teach law, and trust me you will get the same result; being a lawyer.

And if studying law is not something you are obsessed with, then study something else.

The world is full of endless opportunities, so find your beat!

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