IUEA Law Faculty, Coffee With Alice introduce Short Course to Prepare Law graduates for LDC

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Last updated on March 1st, 2023 at 10:48 am

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Studying and passing the bar course – a key prerequisite for becoming an Advocate in Uganda, has become nothing short of a nightmare for most wannabe attorneys.

The Law Development Center (LDC), the monopolistic institution offering the Bar Course has registered alarming student failure rates every other academic year with last year’s rate standing at 90%.


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One of the reasons that has been cited for these massive bar course student failure rates is that students are “unable to cope with the demands of the Bar course” which is “demanding, gruelling and full time,” according to the LDC director, Mr. Frank Nigel Othembi.

Recognising this challenge and moving in to slay it by equipping law school finalists intending to undertake the Bar Course with relevant knowledge and skills that are material for passing it, the Faculty Law at International University of East Africa (IUEA) in collaboration with Coffee With Alice, a mentorship forum for law students and fresh graduates, have launched an annual three month short course dubbed the ” Preparation for the Bar Course.


The “Preparation for the Bar Course” is aimed at refreshing the legal minds of intending bar course students on the core principles of law while imparting concepts they will meet at LDC.

” Recognising the academic and technical challenges that most law students face to pass the Bar Course, we have conceptualised a course, transitional in character, to help law finalists prepare for the Bar Course. As law finalists ordinarily undertake their final exams in May and as the Bar Course ordinarily starts in September, we propose that the transitional period between those two events can be profitably used by students to refresh their legal minds on the theoretical concepts of the law, on the one hand, while on the other hand laying the groundwork for the anticipated rollercoaster of the Bar Course.” The IUEA Law Faculty and Coffee With Alice say in a joint statement.

Although the “Preparation for the Bar Course” will be facilitated by the IUEA faculty of law online and at their campus, all law students across the country are welcome to participate.

Participants, according to the IUEA law faculty and Coffee With Alice, will benefit from a wide range of classes, delivered in an intensive and fast tracked manner, in all the foundational law subjects including contracts, tort, administrative and Constitutional law, land law, family, employment, and the law of business associations.

The Course will further delve into fundamental procedural law subjects that are critical in preparing one for the Bar Course including civil procedure, criminal procedure, law of evidence, and commercial procedures.

Participants will also be introduced to novel knowledge areas that are crucial for their preparation for the bar course such as taxation, accounting, management, legal ethics, judicial ethics, and public Aid.

Weekly mooting sessions conducted by experienced facilitators will also be available for the participants to sharpen their advocacy skills. And as an extra resource, intending bar course students will have regular interactive sessions on exam approach, note taking, strategic revision and the academic dos and don’ts of the Bar Course.

Classes will be delivered by seasoned class room lecturers, seasoned court room practictioners inorder to strike the right balance between the theory and practice of law something that is fundamental to understanding the content of the Bar course.

Students will also be tipped on the tricks of passing the Bar Course by award winning former LDC students who excelled at the Bar Course and have the best principles for passing the Bar Course on their finger tips.

” The Preparation for the Bar Course” will cost $300 in tuition fees and participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Dates for this year’s session are already set for 1st June, 2022 to 31 August, 2022.


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