Press Freedom: Late Judge Kenneth Kakuru Honoured For His Outstanding Contribution

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Yesterday, the World celebrated Press Freedom Day. In Uganda, the Media Sector Working Group decided the occasion was fitting to honor the recently deceased Court of Appeal Judge Justice Kenneth Kakuru with an Award for his “outstanding contribution to the protection of freedom of speech, access to information, and the whole gamut of rights that he fought to protect and spread.”

Launched in 2021, the Uganda Media Sector Working Group is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings together different players in the media sector including media professionals, Regulators, and media lobby groups, among others; to champion the affairs of the media in Uganda.

Justice Kenneth Kakuru
Justice Kenneth Kakuru

Describing him as a “stickler to the law” who believed no one should operate outside it, the Uganda Media Sector Group said in a statement citing his fight against non-disclosure clauses in oil agreements; that Justice Kenneth Kakuru believed in access to information as a fundamental right of the Citizen because to him an informed Citizen is better placed to participate in their governance, in decision making, and in holding power to account.

“Most important for media and journalism, Justice Kakuru believed in freedom of expression as a key plank in the chain of human rights. One of his last Judgements in the case challenging the Computer Misuse Act (as amended) was a testament to this.”

The group said.

Justice Kenneth Kakuru’s posthumous Award was handed to his daughters by the Uganda Minister of Information, Communication, and Technology, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi.

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