Tech Lawyer promises free legal advice to Ugandan Start Ups ahead of UK’s Go Global Africa 2020, but they are ineligible


Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 12:02 pm

On Thursday, in response to a news story that the International Tech Hub Network was inviting Start Ups to participate in this year’s Go Global Africa Programme  – a funding and networking scheme for Start Ups run under the United Kingdom Government Digital Access Programme and sponsored by the Department of International Development, Adv. Silver Kayondo tweeted that he would give free legal advice on Intellectual Property and Non Disclosure Agreements( NDAs) to all Ugandan Start Ups that would participate in the Programme.

Silver Kayondo is a Technology and Media Lawyer and is currently a Partner at Ortus Advocates – a lawfirm based in Kampala.

He also runs DroneNerds Рa commercial drone Start Up in Kampala and has advised on Start Up businesses and multinational technology  corporations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, among others.

However, a look at the eligibility requirements of participants in the funding programme reveals that firms from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are the only ones allowed to participate. The reasons for this aren’t clear. The firms must already be in the market and dealing in health, energy, financial and agricultural solutions.


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The first Go Global Africa was held in 2019 and saw 20 Start Ups chosen out of a pool of 400 applicants. This year’s edition will feature 15 companies selected from each in-country launch event.

The Companies will then be invited to the UK in March where they will receive a 5-day training on business skills and abilities, and establish bonds with the UK’s technology sector and work with British experts to develop their businesses.

The Companies will also act as ” global champions” for the Go Global Africa Programme in helping spread digital skills and digital capabilities, increase entrepreneurship and create jobs.

Lack of funding ( which among others, leads to lack of legal advice as start ups can’t afford Lawyers) is rated among the most reasons as to why 90% of Start Ups don’t live to celebrate their 5th Birthdays.

We don’t believe Adv. Silver Kayondo intended to mislead the Public.

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