Guidelines For Article Contributors

The Legal Reports or “TLR” is committed to providing advocates, lawyers, law students, and related professionals a platform where they can freely express themselves and contribute ideas that will shape Uganda’s legal landscape and inform the debate around topical issues.

We therefore welcome and are keen to host well-written and researched articles with fact-based viewpoints.

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  • Articles can be on any topic as long as it is law-related. They could be explanatory, commentary on news events, etc. You may consider the following topic areas; Commercial, Constitutional, Family, Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Land, Technology, Employment, Tort, Crime, among others.
  • Published articles typically run from 300 words to 1,500 words though submissions of any length within the bounds of reason will be accepted.
  • Articles will be published under your personal by-line/ name and in the author’s chosen style. Pieces need not be impartial or politically neutral.
  • Articles will be clearly attributed to their authors who will be required to submit a clear, colored photo of themselves, and a brief biography including position, workplace, place of study, and topics of interest, among others.
  • We ask that authors avoid using complex legal jargon and language since THE LEGAL REPORTS is read by a large and varied audience including persons at differing levels of their legal career as well as by persons who are not necessarily legal professionals.
  • THE LEGAL REPORTS cannot accept to publish articles that have been published or are due to be published by another MEDIA Organisation. All submissions must be original and exclusive to TLR. We also cannot accept old essays and/or dissertations that are written in a heavy academic style.
  • We ask that authors include any online resources referred to in a piece just within the piece itself which will be used during editing to link to any assertions made in the article. It should be noted that an author is responsible for the accuracy of his/her article; check every single fact including dates, the spelling of names, titles, timelines, numbers, and statistics. Hard check any superlatives for example; is this really the first, the worst, the only, the highest? etc
  • Please beware of inflected language for example; ” He slipped a provision into the Bill” If the provision was added to the Bill using the normal procedure then ” Slipped” would be improper.
  • THE LEGAL REPORTS has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism. Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own( without attribution). It is not acceptable to merely make modifications to another person’s wording or to duplicate the structure of their work. Authors must produce stories with original phrasing and structure and attribute clearly.

Please note that your article will go through an editor for purposes of light edits intended to meet our readability standards


If you have an article that meets the guidelines that you would like to send to us and share your ideas with the web, please send it to us through email;, along with the required attachments.

If you don’t hear from us within four days of sending the article, please consider it rejected.

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