Tony Tumukunde: UCU Alumnus inspired by pain to start a law firm


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Growing up, an anguished Tony Tumukunde watched many mothers in the community become and be victims of gender-based violence, a narrative that has persisted in African society for a long time.

The zeal to help the poor and disadvantaged get justice pushed Tony to paint his name on the walls of the national legal community and those of the Uganda Christian University (UCU) Guild Tribunal’s history.

Having been mentored by the current Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, and his legal firm, K&K Associated Advocates, Tony was determined to climb the legal ladder as his mentor and role model had done.

“I admired the way he conducted himself with us young legal associates, at his office or even in court,” he said.


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“He created in us an impression that we also live to mentor our peers and mentees who look up to us.”

Five years ago, Tony won an election matter in the Court of Appeal with just one year of practice from George Patrick Kasajja of Bulamogi West Constituency in Kaliro District in the Eastern part of the country, under Mushagara & Co. Advocates.

“I beat 3 senior lawyers with many years of experience and managed to turn down a bill of 300 million Ugandan shillings (USD 84,783.06) to zero.” He said.

“From that day, I have never looked back in my career.”

According to Tony, every lawyer’s dream is to become independent and own a firm so that a legacy can be built and also help teach others.

He recently opened up his own firm called Tumukunde & Co. Advocates, located in the Capital City of Kampala.

“We currently have 10 professionals in legal practice full of integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness. It’s the home of UCU practitioners,” he said.

“Over time till now, I have still offered pro bono services to domestic violence victims, and I believe with my firm it’s going to be a bit easier to help them get justice,” he added.

According to Tony, there is a high risk of negative perception in the legal profession because lawyers sometimes represent high-profile criminals or clients who people are against.

This makes the public perceive that you are dealing in crime.

The 30-year-old credits all his success to UCU for shaping him into the person he is right now.

“The discipline in UCU from dress code, religious background, and commitment of lecturers molded me into the person I became” he said.

Tony, now an advocate to all courts of law in Uganda and the current UCU Alumni Association’s Speaker, was a student leader.

He was the member of parliament for the constituency of law and the Guild Speaker 2013-2014. He was the president of Launch Pad 2012-2014. He was the legal officer of the Class Representative Association and even spearheaded the team that made their constitution.

Tony was born to Mr. Bashaija Amos and Mrs. Namugaya Juliet of Mitooma District in the western part of the country with three siblings, with him being the second born.

Tony is married and a father to four children. If not for legal practice, Tony would be a comedian.

“I am a good actor. I was even part of the Uganda Comedian’s Association, but I got busy and gave up on that talent,” he said.

Tony worked with the Center for Constitutional Governance, Mungooma Company Advocates, in 2018 joined K&K Associated Advocates as a legal clerk, in 2019-2020 joined Uganda Registration Service as a company Registrar, in 2021 went back to K&K Associated Advocates as a legal associate, and in 2022, in January, he created his own firm.

Tony attended Victoria Nile Primary School for his elementary school, Bukoyo Secondary School, Kiira College, Butiki for his high school, Uganda Christian University for his Bachelor’s of Law and London University of East London for his Master’s in Business Administration.

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