UCU Dominates Top Spots In LDC Bar Course

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The Law Development Center (LDC), Uganda’s sole Bar Course teaching institution, recently released its final examination results for the Bar Course of the last Academic year. [Read our report here].

According to the results, graduates from the Uganda Christian University (UCU), a leading private University in the Country, topped the list of all first-class graduates, with at least 9 out of the 20 first-class graduates of the Bar course coming from the University’s law school.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that the top four first-class students were all from UCU, according to the UCU Standard, the University’s newspaper.

Mr. Emmanuel Okia, Ms. Shamira Kitimbo, Mr. Reagan Ahumuza, and Ms. Jemimah Jehopio – all UCU graduates, scored Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPAs) of 4.90, 4.80, 4.75, and 4.70, respectively.

Other UCU first-class students include Mr. Ernest Ayesiga, Mr. Samuel Odiye, Ms. Josephine Namagembe [Read her Articles for The LegalReports here], and Ms. Martha Uwizeye.


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In comparison, Makerere University clinched six spots on the list of first-class graduates of the Bar Course, with Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) getting three spots and Kampala International University (KIU) getting two.

There are at least 12 Universities accredited to teach law in Uganda [See the list here].

The LDC’s Bar Course results also showed that male students topped the list of first-class students, at 24 compared to 18 females.

Ms. Jemimah Jehopio, one of the first-class students from UCU, attributed her success to God, supportive parents, and friends who shared learning materials with her, The UCU Standard reported.

“ I am excited about the milestone. I thank God who has enabled me to sail successfully,”

Jemimah reportedly said.

The recent Law Development Center Bar Course results have generally shown an improvement in the performance of law graduates at the Institution but also are a testament to the hard work and dedication of these students and their Universities, particularly UCU whose latest success indicates a disruption in the ‘tradition’ that Makerere University graduates perform better at LDC.

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