ULS Signs Deal to Promote Innovation Among Lawyers  

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The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has inked a deal with the Innovation Village, an entrepreneurial ecosystem based in Uganda, to catapult innovation among lawyers.

The partnership announced on Thursday, 20th July 2023 by the Innovation Village will be brokered through the LegalTech Lab, an arm of the start-up ecosystem dedicated to promoting legal technology (legal tech).

And it comes at a time the legal profession is seeking to re-invent itself to ride the dawn of disruptive technology.


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According to Ms. Hellen Mukasa, legal counsel at the Innovation Village and head of the LegalTech Lab, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two institutions to act as a “framework” through which they will collaborate and that the Innovation Village which says has supported 6,000 “enterprises” across Uganda will be contributing to the creation of ideas aimed at improving efficiency and impact of the legal profession by taking advantage of the advancement of technology.

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The exact role ULS will play is not clear.

A “Legal Tech Expo” will be one of the first projects to be worked on under the partnership, Ms. Mukasa said.

The deal is one of several initiatives that ULS’s current President Bernard Oundo has put in place to improve the welfare and overall competitiveness of advocates.

“ We extend our deepest appreciation to [Bernard Oundo], the President of the ULS, for his visionary leadership in this endeavor. Join us as we embark on this journey of shaping the future of the legal industry as we innovate for impact.” The Innovation Village said.

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